Online Re-Examination Certificate

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Online 8-Hours Re-Examination Certificate

Computer Test Failed 3 Times at DMV

This course was designed for the purpose of conducting online instruction for Juveniles and adults that fail the knowledge test three times. Persons successfully completing the course through a DMV- licensed driver training school will be eligible to take the general knowledge examination for the fourth time and thereafter at DMV.

Individuals Age 17 and under

Individuals age 17 and under may take the Driver’s Manual course if they have already completed the 36 fifty-minute period classroom component of driver education. They must submit a certificate of completion such as a DEC-1 (from the public or private school) or DTS 36 (from a DMV-licensed driver training school) to the email address of the driver training school that will be providing the Driver’s Manual course before they enroll in the Driver’s Manual Course.

Individuals Age 18 and above

Individuals age 18 and above do not have to take the classroom component of driver education in order to provide the Driver’s Manual course.

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YES you can choose your instructor by Language, Gender and also you can customize your lesson by you experience.

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