Adult 7 Hours Re-Examination Driving Lessons

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Adult 7 Hours Re-Examination BTW

Virginia Driver Training Re-Examination Certificate

This In-Vehichle Course is required by DMV who FAILED ROAD SKILL TEST 3 Times at DMV.

This certificate indicates that the student identified has successfully completed 7 Hours driver training with our DMV Licensed instructor to establish eligibility for re- examination at DMV .

Student is required to take this certificate to DMV to take the Re-Examination Road Skill test for the fourth time.

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1-Basic Skills.

The student is attentive, alert, aware of surroundings and traffic conditions, observes conditions in time to complete a maneuver safely.


Demonstrates ability to start engine, engages, and uses proper gear, demonstrates proper uses of brake.


Looks at mirrors, looks over both shoulders, uses brake and accelerator well, controls vehicle while driving in reverse, backs vehicle smoothly in a straight line without weaving.


Sits upright, arms and legs are in easy reach of controls, adjusts mirrors and seat to best position for vision and driving.


Shifts gears or uses automatic transmission smoothly, accelerates smoothly, changes gears smoothly, keeps eyes on the road while shifts gears at correct speed


Maintains proper distance speed in traffic

7-Right of Way

Yields without hesitating when necessary, shows consideration of pedestrians, attention to signals, makes proper use of right-of-way in traffic, stops behind crosswalks


Stays in proper lane, checks traffic before changing lanes, changes lanes easily, does not change lanes excessively, does not straddle lanes.


Controls vehicle in proper lane while passing on multi-lane street, judges distance, signals intention, accelerates properly, uses horn if necessary.


Is able to negotiate and drive through controlled and uncontrolled intersections, reduces speed when approaching checks intersection traffic, controls vehicle, looks both ways.

11-Signs & Signals

Observes and obeys stop signs and other signals, stops at indicated place, proceeds to gain clear vision, but stops again if necessary.

12-Traffic Lights

Observes the red, yellow, green traffic lights, interprets and obeys the meaning of the light’s color and the location on the traffic light, comes to smooth stop in ample time, observes crosswalks, starts promptly when light turns green.


Makes proper signal of intention to turn, gets into proper lane, reduces speed as required and completes turn satisfactorily.

14-Turn-about or U-turns

Shows ability to perform U-turns, controls steering and operates vehicle in close quarters, watches traffic, signals correctly, changes gears and reduces speed and accelerates properly, stops for traffic.


Drives into a parking lot and parks vehicle, checks for any traffic, signals when necessary, maintains proper speed, parks within lines.

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Can I choose instructor by Language and Gender?

YES you can choose your instructor by Language, Gender and also you can customize your lesson by you experience.

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