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Adult Behind the Wheel Service

Learning new things can be scary, especially driving. At Safe Driving Academy, we take that fear out of driving and create a safe atmosphere for you to learn. Our instructors are experienced, professional, and have over 25 years of combined teaching experience so you can rest assured. Before getting started, Adults must have a valid license permit or home country drivers license before they can take 'Behind the Wheel' class, as per DMV requirements. You have the choice of taking driving sessions as 2 hours sessions, 90 minutes sessions, or a 10 hour package, what Driver Education Program for Adult Waiver Certificate if you are 19 or older and hold a valid learners permit and have successfully completed a Virginia approved driver education program, DMV waives the holding period of learner's permit(i.e 60 days) and the final road skills test prior to the issuance of driver's licence. For successfully completing the course you need to complete 14 hours of behind the wheel instruction. This consists of 7 hours of driving under the supervision of an instructor, and 7 hours of observing your peers while driving. You also need to complete 36 hours of classroom course together with the driving course.Once you successfully complete the course you will be getting a Adult Waiver certificate.On presenting the certificate to DMV , DMV will issue a driver's licences.

    What do we teach to Adults/New Drivers?
  • All the information about the car (lights, indicators, emergency lights, etc)
  • Road rules
  • Information on how to drive during hazard conditions (rain, snow, etc)
  • Left and Right turns
  • Lane changes/Merging
  • Highway driving
  • Parking, Reverse
  • Driving on major intersections
  • Awareness of surroundings while driving
  • Pickup and Drop-off included

For eligibility requirements, take a look at the DMV Eligibility Page

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